Automated Internet Kiosks

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No one does Automated Kiosks better than we do.

With over 60 locations and over 200 kiosks deployed we are by far the largest Automated Kiosks provider in Hawaii.

Whether you need a simple Automated Kiosk with one workstation or a full blown Automated Business Center with Self-Serve copier, fax, and computers, we have the solution for your requirements.

Our kiosk product highlights:

  • Custom built to your specifications
  • Fully automated self-serve accepting cash and credit cards
  • Highest level of security
  • Computers for Internet Access
  • Self-serve copiers
  • Self-serve faxes
  • Free to the guest or pay-per-use
  • Fanatical systems monitoring and automatic recovery
  • Revenues share opportunities
  • 24 hour US-based support

Offer Free Internet Kiosks to your customers

starting at $49.95/month!